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Food Grade Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin
 Description:  Food Grade Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin
Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin (Food Additive )
Solubility(with toluene1:1) Clear
Color (Fe-Co Scale) max 8 5
Acid Value, mgKOH/g max 9
Softening Point(R&B), ℃ 78~90
Total Arsenic(as As), (mg/kg) max 1.0
Heavy metal(as Pb), (mg/kg) max 10.0
Ash Content, (g/100g) max 0.1
Relative Density, d25℃/25℃ 1.060~1.090

a.The solvent of the sample is changed from neutral Ethanol to neutral Benzes-Ethanol solution (1:1), and 0.5mol/L standard KOH aqueous solution is changed to 0.05mol/L KOH Ethanol solution.
b.Dissolve the sample, which is been removed the surface part and crushed, in the Toluene proportionally 1:1 (by weight) and fill into dry and clean Gardner colorimetric tube.
Remark: GER-85EB/85ERB/85EV is added anti-oxidant BHT or Vitamin E (VE) according to customers' request.


 1、GER-85E is esterified from refined gum rosin and edible glycerol;GEHR-85E is esterified from refined hydrogenated rosin and edible glycerol.    
2、The products can be used as emulsification stabilizer for drinks,and as chewing ingredient for chewing gum & bubble gum.GEHR-85E can be used as tackifier for cigarette filter adhesives .
3、Packing:Kraft paper drum,size(mm)φ562×1080(250kg);φ550×920(200kg);φ350×580(50kg).The standard is stipulated by us according to the national standard GB10287-2012.   

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