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    Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry and Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Guangxi is a foreign-investment enterprise, the biggest manufacturer of gum rosin and its derivatives products in China. The main products are: gum rosin, gum turpentine, hydrogenated rosin, rosin ester series, other modified rosins, disproportionated rosin and its potassium soap, and food additives ( ester gum), can be widely used in the applications of adhesives, coatings, inks, synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, electronic solder flux and food industries, etc.  With full range products, we become the supplier of more and more famous domestic and international companies. WSSFC has been continuously honored as “Pacesetter Enterprise of Chinese Industry” for many years, and national “High & New Technology Enterprises”, “Head Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization of Guangxi”, “Industrialization Base for Rosin Deep-processed Products of Guangxi”, and also the vice board chairman of China National Forest Product Industry Association Rosin Branch.
    WSSFC is located in Wuzhou, the main production base of gum rosin of China. Wuzhou has great advantage of geographical location, and it is convenient in land, water and air transportation. WSSFC is 5 Km away from Wuzhou airport and is next to the container dock of Wuzhou port. The railway of Luoyang to Zhanjiang, and Nanning to Guangzhou, and the inter-city highways of Nanning, Guilin and Guangzhou all pass through Wuzhou city. The products can be loaded into containers directly at the factory via water transportation through Wuzhou, Guangzhou to deliver the orders to the all district in China and different countries and regions in the world.
  WSSFC has obtained China invention patent for the production technology of hydrogenated rosin and the colorless hydrogenated rosin ester resins. The hydrogenated rosin and pentaerythritol ester of gum rosin have been honored as the “Famous Brand Products of Guangxi”. WSSFC makes full use the technical advantages of hydrogenation, light-color and diverse products to meet customer requirements continuously Our products are highly regarded by the domestic and international customers, in domestic market, the products are mainly sold to developed areas, such as Shanghai/Yangtze River Delta areas, Pearl River Delta areas, Beijing & Tianjin district, etc.; In overseas market, they are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, including Japan, European countries, America and Southeast Asia, etc.
    WSSFC has a professional R&D team and complete products development facilities, endeavored to the development of rosin deep processing products. And it is the “Forestry and Chemicals Engineering and Technological Research Center of Wuzhou”. WSSFC insists on technological exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, colleges. In 2010, WSSFC built “Rosin Turpentine Application Development Institute” together with Guangxi University for Nationalities. WSSFC is the teaching practice base of Nanjing Forestry Universities, Guangxi University and Guangxi Universities for Nationalities.
  WSSFC has passed the authorization and the audit of ISO9001 quality management system, and is well managed, carrying out safe production and complying with the national standard of environment protection.
  In 2007, WSSFC solely invested the Wuzhou Sun Shine Taiping Forestry and Chemicals Co., Ltd. in Tengxian County, to further expand the resource coverage and production capacity. 
In 2011, WSSFC established the Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry Co., Ltd, and built up the raw gum base with 20,000 hectare, as the guarantee of the supply of raw materials and supplement.
    In 2012, WSSFC established the Wuzhou Sun Shine Baotai Forestry and Chemicals Co., Ltd, specialized in producing potassium soap of disproportionated rosin.
    WSSFC will keep on exerting the advantages on gum rosin resource, using advanced expertise achievements, and strive to develop superior quality products which fulfill the requirements of customers, make contribution to the sustainable development of the forestry chemical industry and social economy.
Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry & Chemicals CO.,ltd. Of Guangxi Copyright Tel:0774-2693681/2678181 FAX: 0774-2686777/2683737  E-mail: [email protected]
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